Del denne siden

V I B E K E  L U N E L - born 1970, is a Norwegian painter and visual artist.

E X PL O R I N G . M O U R N I N G.

"Since I was a child I have always had a deep personal feeling of alienation in this world.

I grew up close to the sea, and felt at an early age a strong spiritual connection with the ocean and the stars. The existential mysteries of nature and the universe gave me the emotional affiliation and safety that I never felt in human relationships, and this experience has an impact on my expression. 

My work is allways about exploring forces of nature and imaginary landscapes, translating them into molecules and texture. This is a long process of layers that can last for years. I can start out in space, playing with stars and galaxies, but often end up with something more close and organic; like cells or the DNA. 

I search for patterns and a cosmic order to transform my sense of failure and chaos."